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February 28, 2017


Leandra Esfakis

This legislation does not represent a common loftier goal for the Bahamas.
It is not promoting love and unity but division and the means of oppression.
While we have a high rate of street crime, we also have a rogue government acting illegally and unconstitutionally. And that government itself has constituted a significant threat to our rule of law, fundamental freedoms and national economic stability.
The Interceptions Bill represents another weapon in the arsenal of authoritarian rule, which can be reinforced by the use of armored cars, grenades etc, donated by a "friendly" foreign government.

Christopher Merrett

Glad to see you are quoting these heroic political figures from Nassau's past.
Can I, tongue in cheek, suggest that if you have something confidential to communicate you put it in a sealed envelope and post it?

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