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March 14, 2017


Nicolette Bethel

Thanks, Larry.


Waste to energy would seem to make the most sense. The current mountain can also be "mined" for fuel and resources if necessary.

Leandra Esfakis

The dump situation underscores two basic requirements we need for our health and economic survival:
1. A government whose priority is the Bahamian people and our environment, rather than their personal gain and gratification.
2. As a people, we have to demand transparency, accountability, fiscal prudence and observance of the rule of law until the government complies, or having failed to comply, we remove them from power.

Christopher Merrett

Here in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, we have a very similar problem. The municipal dump near my home erupts every so often in flame and smoke. Various intelligent schemes regarding recycling and energy generation have been proposed over the years and the politicians take no notice - probably because no kickbacks are offered by upright people.
Bahamians seem happy to destroy their major industry with toxic smoke. The British want to destroy their best trade arrangement and diminish their security through Brexit. South Africans do nothing while their natural environment is destroyed (abandoned gold mines are a disaster waiting to happen).
We live in extraordinary times in which logic and intelligence seem to carry less and less value. It is the Age of Indifference.

John Roberts

It does not matter if people, even children, inhale toxic smoke - get sick - or even die. The two Parties who have held Govt now for decades have programmed the Bahamian people to only vote for them.

"The DNA ain't ready", they say. Ain't ready for what? To poison you? To put your currency at risk of devaluation?

No, they are not ready to do that.

People have the freedom to vote for poison and bankruptcy. And (keep this a secret) they even have the right to vote against it.

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