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April 11, 2017


Leandra Esfakis

Imagine a country with a culture of excellence.
Imagine a country where environmental and economic management are taken seriously
- where the Cabinet members make public welfare a priority over personal gain
- where the Auditor General is respected and accountability is the norm.
Imagine a country where the judiciary is free of political threats
Imagine a country with a tradition of transparency
Imagine a country where patriotism means better roads, schools, health services, electrical services, and better waste management.
Imagine a county where work ethic and education are recognized, and new jobs bring our young people back home.
Imagine a country where we can have confidence in a future.

Critical Issues

In my opinion, in order to save this country, we have two critical issues for the immediate future:-

1) The removal from office of a mafia style PLP non-government and prosecute their backsides to jail.

2) It has to be made clear to any new government that it's NOT business as usual.

Donald W Duncombe

Many supporters of the major political parties PLP and FNM appear quite oblivious to the fact that they are not and never will be majority. While they should be making overtures to the "masses" who do controll the outcome of elections they do things to anger this group. No matter how many person show at rallies it is of no consequence at the polls. This election is quite like the 1992 election except for two glaring facts: there is a welldefined "third" party and the "masses" the ones who actually make or break governing parties is highly disaffected to say the least. There is a real possibility of the country repaeting the 1967 elections where a took a coalition to form the new governing party. There is a real possibility of results like: 13, 13, 8, 3, 2.

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