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June 07, 2017


A.D.G. Jr.

This will save your country, you have nothing to lose.
(1) Capitol punishment in the Bahamas: Stop allowing your pastors to run your country, remember, they don't pay any taxes, who are they to run your lives?
(2) Do a complete sweep of the country door to door searching for weapons. And have the RBPF and Military keep watch on the seas if anyone try's to remove their weapons from their homes. Also check with metal detectors for weapons hidden underground around their homes too.
(3) Legalize Marijuana: The people that smoke it are going to do it no matter what law applies. The Bahamian government grows it, sells it in cigarette form in stores, and makes a killing taxing it. You will stop the slaughter in the streets over night, and your country will be a very desirable place to visit.
(4) After that, I'm sure you can handle the rest, good luck.

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