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June 20, 2017


John Hinchliffe

Yes ... Very well said...

Christopher Merrett

An excellent historical and political analysis. It sounds highly familiar to a South African ear: corruption, racketeering and cronyism abound. It applied to the apartheid era and now to post-liberation politics.
When will the people overthrow this rotten culture and enforce civic morality?
Christopher Merrett, Pmb, South Africa

Leandra Esfakis

If you are waiting for Davis & Co. to show remorse, stick around for The Second Coming.
Holding feet to the fire is a better option, even if they have seemingly asbestos feet.
Justifiable public anger is a good thing, and if accountability is the goal, the new administration has about 6 months to marshal evidence and put its case together.

Mrs. Cooper (Grand Bahama)

The PLP is finished in Bahamaland, as long as they have people like Davis and Mitchell aboard their sunken pirate ship. Look at what they did to poor Dr. Nottage, turned him from being a good man to a bitter broken down, heartbroken PLP string puppet that needed a body guard at his death bed. No one will ever trust the PLP corruption team again.

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