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July 04, 2017


David Beard

setting up culture czars and forever perpetuating cultural ideas and getting well paid for things that only take place in the mind is part of the culture.

Christopher Merrett

The key comment here is "while we study, the thing we study dies a slow death.” It's a brilliant summary of the way the taxpayers of the world are being short-changed. High-sounding projects that go nowhere absorb millions. No wonder there is cynicism about politics and politicians. The missing link, everywhere, is civic morality.
Christopher Merrett (Pietermaritzburg, RSA)

Sherrill Callender

Fascinating, well written and a very comprehensible article. It would seem with all of the money, time and effort put into the studies and guidelines from so many different entities, that the best of the best could be extracted and looked at to see if there is a path forward to find a sustainable and successful cultural strategy. Seems it would be a shame to let all of that expensive information go to waste, if it is deemed useful.


UNESCO has promoted an International Convention to protect and preserve culture world wide which has been ratified by over 60 countries including the Bahamas.

Whilst live culture, the living theatre, the arts, and Museums, including historical sites are all part of the Bahamian Culture, education is needed to expand the visions as UNESCO has tried to do.

The new Minister of Culture, the Minister of Education and the new Chairman of the Bahamas National Commission for UNESCO need to get together to decide who should be in charge of all the various cultural responsibilities of the Bahamas, both internationally and domestically.

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