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August 02, 2017


Simon Rodéhn

A reawakening Larry. Thank you again for the leads.

Dr. Julius Theophilus

Greetings Fellow Bahamians.

Let us not delude ourselves. Ninety percent of the wealth in The Bahamas is still controlled by a few who happen to be white and while most of them may be racist white Bahamians, it is of no concern to me for a number of reasons.
There is absolutely no excuse for Black Bahamians not to thrive in our wonderful country today unless they simply do not want too.

Crime and stealing seems to be an obsession with quite a few Bahamians as example in our high rate of murders and the amount of monies that is alleged to have been stolen by members of The Previous Government from the very people who elected them.

Character, strength and virtue define a Man's foundation and these traits seem to be lacking in many Bahamians today regardless of their hue. Education is paramount, moral fiber is essential and taking responsibility for one's behavior is essential for the growth and success of any Human Being in a progressive society.

There are white Bahamians and expatriates who will forever and always allow their ignorance to define them with respect to their racist demeanors but frankly that is not my business. My business is to ensure that as a Bahamian I set an example for ALL Bahamians by taking responsibility for my actions and live a life that exudes character, strength and virtue which today in The Bahamas seem to be lacking in our society.

Challenge: Let all Bahamians strive to take responsibility for our actions and regardless of our HUE, let us live a life that exudes character, strength and virtue which I assure you will become contagious and make our Bahamian Society one in which we all can be proud of and every Man regardless of Hue enjoy the benefits of his or her hard work.


Christopher Merrett

It is very sad to hear of the death of Colin Hughes. I have a much-prized handwritten letter from him about his schooldays at GHS in the 1940s. He was the most astute historian of the Bahamas in spite of the wider scope of the work of Michael Craton and Gail Saunders.
But his contention that race rather than class was a more important factor in Bahamian history ultimately proved wide of the mark: the middle class has consistently betrayed Bahamian workers and the saga continues. Nor were the Bay Street Boys always the allies of the colonial authorities - as Hughes correctly noted.
Perhaps the death of this eminent Bahamian historian and commentator should be marked by a more nuanced and realistic view of the past. The persistence of historical myth is damaging to any national psyche and now is the time for revisionist history.

Christopher Merrett

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